100 at South Broad

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Envisioned as a new model for sustainable development in Chattanooga, 100 at South Broad is a pedestrian focused, residential community in Chattanooga’s SouthBroad neighborhood. WMWA collaborated with the developer, architect, and engineers to reimagine the site as a progressive and timeless space designed primarily around humans that also accommodates automobiles.The project incorporates a variety of housing types connected by a central curbless promenade that serves as a civic space for residents. The promenade also provides automobile access, parking, as well as stores and infiltrates stormwater. This approach elevates the importance of pedestrians and makes vehicles secondary,encouraging slower speeds and careful observance by drivers.The shared street/sidewalk strategy allows for increased green space in a small development and saves money by eliminating duplicated hardscape while gaining multiple uses/benefits from the promenade. Pocket parks, and innovative resident storage that re-uses shipping containers and fits a tight site and Chattanooga Creek buffer restoration round out the WMWA site design.