Carolina Mountain Garden

North Carolina

Carolina Mountain Garden is a single family residence nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. Shallow soils and steep slopes made design a challenge. Existing conditions placed most parking in front of the house, the front entry at the end of a ramp-like walk with rainwater pooling against the house. The new site design accommodated a front cobble drop-off that doubles for event gathering space, a large stone terrace for outdoor sitting and dining and positive drainage away from the building. All steps and ramping to the house were eliminated and parking was relocated to the side of the house and behind the garage. A two-track driveway detail was used to minimize impervious surfaces and for a lighter footprint in the natural landscape. A narrow terrace behind the house was extended to accommodate food production with a smaller stone terrace. The garden terrace terminates into a playful ring of trees. Excess turf was converted to native planting leaving only small flat lawn areas needed for play and gathering.

WMWA collaborated with Nelson Byrd Woltz to develop a schematic design then took the project through construction on consultation with NBW.