Crabtree Farms

Chattanooga, Tennessee

As long time supporters of local/sustainable food movements, those of us at WMWA were thrilled to help Crabtree Farms improve function and efficiency with a master plan. We were even more pleased for the opportunity to do this work in conjunction with Ann Coulter as she developed the organization’s strategic plan. This allowed many overlapping topics between the site’s physical design and the organization’s direction to be considered together, ultimately benefiting both plans immensely.


The resulting site master plan directly reflects the vision, mission and values developed in the farm’s strategic plan. Increasing farm efficiency was one of the critical tasks given to the design team and the resulting plan incorporates metrics to evaluate current and proposed production capacity and profitability. The design demonstrates the beauty and value of applying good design to utilitarian spaces. The design also significantly strengthens the farm’s place as a key community hub and regional model of food production. Farm production space was almost doubled, support structures consolidated and centralized, and new compatible uses are proposed for areas not suitable for farming. Many spaces like the event space gardens used for herb and cut flower production have proposed dual or ternary uses to further increase farm flexibility and efficiency.

The master plan has already led to successful fundraising initiatives for the farm.