Holmberg Bridge

Chattanooga, Tennessee

WMWA was asked as part of The Ramble master plan to address concerns of safety, durability, and cost for the Holmberg Bridge. The bridge received the highest number of negative responses in the Ramble stakeholder meetings due to the slippery nature of the glass, uncomfortable stair proportion, and unattractive appearance of broken panels, temporary plywood replacements, and cordoned off sections. The bridge is almost never seen or experienced as intended.

WMWA worked with the City of Chattanooga, River City Company, and manufacturers to design a bridge surface that would remain close to the design intent of a transparent surface that glows a night. The resultant treatment uses stainless steel grating that is highly slip resistant, durable, and cooler to the touch. By varying the concentration of textured grate fins, (providing further slip resistance) the design activates the bridge with a wave pattern. WMWA proposed a change in stair material that enhanced the ‘light’ nature of the bridge and ‘solid’ nature of concrete supports and ramp. The new stair uses a solid version of the textured grate fins to create a stair with landings and a riser-to-tread proportion that is comfortable to walk.