Piedmont Meadow


Piedmont Meadow is a private residence in the foothills of Virginia. The site, originally consisting of abandoned fescue pasture and minimal tree cover, was slated for a multi-home development. The new owner combined the lots and tasked us with developing a plan that restored the site’s ecological health and minimized the footprint of drive, house and gardens.The resulting design located house and gardens on the edge between forest and meadow habitats also known as an “ecotone.” The use of native plants and local materials throughout the project serves to connect built work with the natural surroundings. Two gardens were designed - “cultural” and “meadow” -and organized around edible and native plants, respectively. The cultural garden features fruits,vegetables, herbs, and cutting flowers. The meadow garden is a stylized English garden whose palette is composed of native meadow species.This garden serves as a nursery for on-going site restoration projects as thinned plants are collected and used in reclaimed natural areas. Matt Whitaker began this project with Nelson Byrd Woltz and continues as the project landscape architect today.