Streamline Broad Street

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Streamline Broad Street re-imagines a new pedestrian and commercial district that emphasizes safety, sustainability, and quality of urban design in downtown Chattanooga. Parking and traffic flow are redistributed to optimize car travel lanes,protect cyclists, and create larger pedestrian spaces. The added sidewalk area provides space for outdoor cafes, benches, bike parking, newspaper boxes, street fairs, and other special events.Bikers have dedicated, separated lanes and queue in front of stopped traffic at intersections to keep them in view and provide a head start. Curb extensions at cross walks shorten pedestrian exposure and travel distance, slow traffic, and reduce unnecessary vehicular paving at intersections. The intersection of Broad Street and MLK Boulevard acts as the gateway to the City Center with Broad Street terminating at the Tennessee Aquarium and River. To strengthen these vital intersections, the pedestrian scramble crosswalks allow comfortable crossings while all other traffic is halted.The redesigned streetscape showcases sustainability through the integration of multiple green infrastructure improvements such as uncompacted soils to support large canopy trees, porous paving, and rain gardens. Trees reduce stormwater through interception and evapotranspiration. Rain gardens and porous paving provide infiltration and distributed storage. The resulting run-off volumes and peak flows are greatly reduced while prime urban public space is created.